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Video services to suit your budget with maximum cinematic output. My experience as a content creation expert extents to creating high quality video content for your website, social media and adverts. Communicate your brand's message and value proposition with a short form interview piece to camera or a long form storytelling film. With high-quality cinematography and the latest techniques we can create cinematic eye-catching content that can be edited into many different formats, delivering your multichannel campaign across adverts, websites and social media.


A cut featuring a mix of recent projects.

DT Furnishings

The story of master craftsman/cabinet maker

Dave Tomkotowicz.

Ben Thomas Producer

Venom Prison guitarist and composer Ben Thomas asked me to producer a short film to promote his production services. So we brought together voice over, tour footage and clips from the studio for this short film.

The Falcon Hotel

Lord and Lady Northampton have created an oasis of calm in Northamptonshire. Silver Linings retreats is a yoga experience not to be missed.

Scheherazade Foundation

The Scheherazade foundation have commissioned royal appointed Fattorini to craft a set of medals for their upcoming award ceremony.

Rhys Davis Woodcraft

Sculptor Rhys Davis creates a stunning rotten tree piece in the grounds of Oversley Castle, Worcestershire

Holland Cooper & Leigh Charman

Custom flag Created by Artist Leigh Charman for Holland Cooper clothing.

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