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In 2009, two years after their first meeting, media entrepreneur Marc Cameron teamed up with talented photographer Mark Brown who would go on to create the Light Graffiti Cars project – a series of light painting images of iconic cars.

Initially launched in November 2009, the project has gone on to become a web phenomenon, with a number of iterations appearing on,, and

Such is their popularity that one article on Jalopnik genarated over 50,000 views in its first few hours.


Light Graffiti Cars

When the worlds of art and cars come together, they can generate some truly beautiful output - evident in the BMW Art Cars created by the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Olafur Eliasson. Now the work of light graffiti photographer Mark Brown is set to reinforce this ideology, by demonstrating just how amazing iconic cars can look when recreated using in light graffiti.

The brainchild of project manager Marc Cameron (owner of and brought to reality by Brown, Light Graffiti Cars is a series of images of iconic cars created using light graffiti.

The popularity of light graffiti has been on the rise over the past couple of years, with the groundbreaking work of the brilliant Michael Bosanko, Patrick Rochon, and Lichtfaktor bringing to light this truly wonderful and magical art form. Even the X Factor is now trying to get in on the act with the light dancing ads shown just before and after the commercial breaks.

"Mark and I both studied photography at the same university, and we were introduced by our former lecturer," says Marc Cameron.

"I instantly found Mark's images of light graffiti - shot against rural backgrounds - truly breathtaking, and it left me thinking about the range of possibilities for this emerging art form. As a massive fan of cars, I came up with the idea of capturing iconic motors in light graffiti, and Mark's images are the manifestation of this concept."

"Using an original technique of light painting I aimed to create simplified graphic versions of each of these classic shapes. The timeless, current and forward thinking design of each model has made creating these representations a massively inspiring experience," says Mark Brown.

"Choosing cars with eye-catching style and innovative design, I was able to construct images that capture the clean lines in each concept. The Iconic design of such models as the classic VW camper Van and Beetle to the equally iconic, but more modern styling of the Audi R8, the Morgan Aero and many more are works of art in their own right so lend themselves very well to this type of imagery. Every design that I have chosen, in my eyes, lives to be viewed."

We're hoping to raise interest in the possibility of featuring these images in either a leading photography show or a calendar.

(Press release courtesy of Marc Cameron, Mark Brown and

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