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Midlands-based Product Photographer

Creative still life garment styling, room sets, flat styling/ flat lays, beverage still life and pack shots to suit any budget. Transform the everyday object into a work of art with my expert still life photography services. I have many years of experience with lighting and composition that will allow us to show your product in a natural environment or create stylised scenes that highlight your proposition and message.

Contact today to find out how we can develop your still life photography.

Recent Projects

Check out the recent projects below. Including beverage imagery, high end artistic furniture & Food.

I'm always on the look out for new fresh brands to work with so lets chat.

Dunkertons Cider Creative brand imagery

A client have had a long relationship with. This shoot was to creative lifestyle imagery for there cider glasses range.

Alexander King Studios - Lily

Alex is a master crafts man. Lily is the culmination of over 3000 hours of work. Lily uses multiple cutting edge techniques and comprises of over 6000 individual maple veneers. The veneers are layered one by one, each drawing their individual path across the complex structure that is supported with carbon fibre. The steam bent stamen hold the anthers, which are carved from Santos Rosewood and laced with iron filings and copper powder. The petals are embellished with 24ct dissipated gold leaf.